Thursday, July 13, 2006
Yes, but does it really matter...that much?
Ok so I am not afraid to ask the dumb questions. I consider it my place in this world to ask those questions that others may be too scared to pose!

I've read that the glass from which you drink your wine matters...but honestly, is it really an issue if you drink your shiraz from a cabernet glass?

I've been looking at Reidel glasses because I hear from those 'supposedly in the know' that they are the best, directing the wine to the correct place on the tongue, yadda, yadda, yadda...

One website says of Reidel

Riedel Vinum - Elegant Entertaining

For everyday enjoyment as well as the sophisticated dinner party or seasonal gathering, Riedel's award-winning Vinum collection ensures a perfectly balanced tasting experience. This pioneering series of glasses is based on the concept that, in order to truly appreciate a fine wine, it is essential to use a glass that has been technically designed for the particular type of wine. It is the first machine-made series of glasses tailored for grape varietal characteristics. The shape of the bowl determines the flow of wine and where it touches the tongues various taste zones.

Use these lead-crystal glasses everyday and for special occasions for the optimal appreciation of your wines."

If I'm going to get 'seriously' into wine and writing about it here on my little piece of the internet, do I make the investment of purchasing the correctly shaped glass for each variety of grape, or, do I continue to drink my wine from the same glasses that my few readers will be using every day (you know - the usual - I got these as a wedding present glasses)?

Tricky I think.

If the shape and quality of the stemware matters, then whatever I write about what I tasted, surely I will need to add a disclaimer concerning which glass I used.

Somehow I think 1985 Grange (which I tasted last year) tastes as good from the 'right' glass as it does in an old vegemite jar - however the decadence (for me) of the occasion would be lost I suspect.
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  • At 2:38 pm, Anonymous Murray

    I think the glassware matters, to a point. I am not convinced that point lies around the area of specific glasses for specific varieties or styles of wine.

    At home we use a copy of the riedel chianti glass for our whites and a copy of the riedel shiraz glass for our reds. I can definitely notice the difference between the two, I think it is more related to aroma than anything else.

    I think the things to look for are a cut rim that tapers in to hold the aromas somewhat.

  • At 11:20 pm, Blogger Tannia

    thanks for the comment Murray ;)

    Perhaps next time I open a bottle I will try a sip from a few different glasses and see if it really makes a difference for me....

    I have some friends in the 'industry'....wonder if I need to post a wishlist of glassware.....

  • At 6:15 pm, Anonymous gw

    Glasses matter. A lot. You don't need to buy Riedel..but good glasses like Spiegelau are quite inexpensive and make a huge difference. A chianti shape glass is good for about everything. You need
    a) A cut rim - not a rolled one.
    b) A large(ish) bowl
    c) And one that tapers in towards the top.

    We use some of the Riedel restaurant range at home for everyday drinking. They are crystal but only cost about $6ish dollars a glass.

    Try drinking out of a vegemite jar and a nice big glass. The difference is startling.


    PS. The bit about putting the wine on different bits of the tongue is bullshit. Riedel have (even) more or less taken admitted it..

  • At 1:44 am, Blogger Tannia

    Thanks GW - that'll teach me not to believe EVERYTHING the retailer!tells me :)

    $6 per glass is reasonable....I can handle that....$36 a glass is a little out of my league :)

    I promise next time I have a taste at home I will do the different glass thing and report back!


    (who by the way is seriously stoked that people take the time to read me)