Saturday, July 08, 2006
World Cup....of Beer
I like wine, but so I dont become boring and predictable here, I thought I might post my favourite beers occasionally too! I don't drink beer often, mainly when it's really hot, and I'm really thirsty, or otherwise anywhere I can't get a glass of wine or a good bourbon!!

I read an article in The Age this week about the "World Cup of Beer" and was not really surprised to find out that MY beer...Coopers Sparkling Ale... was named the winner...I knew I had good taste.

Australia wins 'World Cup' of Beer

A World Cup-style competition to find the best beer has named an Australian made sparkling ale as the winner.

The competition, run by the UK publication Off Licence News, pitted beers from 32 countries that contested soccer's World Cup against each other. The drinks were placed in one of eight groups of four, to correspond with the World Cup, with the two top scoring beverages moving to the second round and knock out tastings.

Marks were awarded for taste, appearance, balance and drinkability, with a sparkling ale produced by South Australian brewer Coopers named the eventual winner.

Coopers marketing director and chairman Glenn Cooper said despite Australia's controversial elimination from the World Cup, he took comfort in the knowledge Australia had snared "the more important World Cup".

Pintculture also has a great website dedicated to their own World Cup of Beer so if you're a beer lover - spend a few hours cheering for your favourites and slumming it with the underdog beers! While you're there, check out the "Pub Etiquette Guide". funny, but probably truer than we care to admit.

The Coopers Website "News" has this to say and also has a couple of cool recipes to try!

Coopers Sparkling Prawns (I haven't tried this - I'm allergic to shellfish) and Burghul Bread with Sparkling Ale.

Let me know if you try them and how they turn out.

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  • At 6:22 pm, Blogger GollyGumDrops

    I'll look out for that one. Normally it's just Fosters and Castlemaine here, with an occasional VB if you're lucky.