Saturday, July 01, 2006
Wednesday - Movie and a nice Victorian Shiraz

This week I was lucky to wander into Gold Class and see X-Men3....great movie and I must admit Gold Class is a VERY civilised way to watch...recliner chairs, something to nibble on and of course a glass of wine or two!

I started off with a nice glass of Chandon Brut (as you do) while my date enjoyed a James Boags beer. During the movie, we enjoyed a very nice Heathcote Shiraz from the Cooralook Winery in Victoria...

From the winery website:

"This full bodied wine is dominated by black currant and earthy aromas with hints of dark berries and spice. On the palate the flavours are black currant and earthiness. This wine should age for up to 7 years under ideal storage conditions."

Exactly what I would have said.... :) A very drinkable shiraz, would be fabulous with something spicy!

$22.00 or thereabouts direct from the winery!

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