Saturday, July 08, 2006
Instant Wine Expert
Here is a little program for your Palm Pilot (unsure if it comes for other PDA platforms) which will instantly give you the information you need while browsing the bottle shop (although I love to just close my eyes and pick something on a whim.

The Landware website lists the features as:

Key Features
  • - Buying Guide now includes over three times the numberof wines included in previous years
  • - Import/Export wine cellar lists to/from computer
  • - New data formats require 20% less space, support fastersearching and fully support memory cards
  • - Full support for High resolution widescreen displays
  • - Completely revised user interface with full support forone handed D-pad navigation
  • - Improved searching and sorting
  • - Vintage and harvest quality data expanded to 113regions/styles spanning 15 years
  • - Quickly select wines by cost, rating, style, grape varietyand region
  • - Authoritative up-to-date reviews, ratings and details forover 34,000 wines worldwide
  • - Complete wine cellar and buying list management
  • - Comprehensive wine glossary with over 1,400 terms and definitions
  • - Interactive vintage chart with wine maturity and harvestquality ratings
  • - Gain further wine knowledge with an in-depth Wine 101 course
  • - Maintain personal tasting records and notes
  • - Beam wine details to another handheld
  • - Supports removable Palm OS memory cards
  • - Sophisticated compression minimizes memory usage

Unsure whether I could use this any differently than I currently use my PDA, I'm still in tasting mode and trying something new every week...although I guess KNOWING what I've tasted already might be useful, so I don't waste precious time on a second bottle of something I've had already.......*hic*

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