Monday, July 24, 2006
Mr Riggs - The Gaffer - Shiraz 2005
On Friday night I went to see a mate's band at the TownHotel in South Melbourne (Bank St). You can read about my night here.....while I was there enjoying my rib eye I shared a bottle of Mr Riggs "the Gaffer" shiraz with friends.

It took me quite a while to choose as the Town Hall Hotel has a huge blackboard with quite a grand selecton of wines both by the glass and bottle! My friends were no help at all.....

Now considering I went on to drink a bit more than just this one particular bottle, I'm not able to tell you much but what I do recall at the time of supping, was, it was pretty bloody good.

Lovely lush deep colour, and big red taste! I can't tell you what the nose gave away other than "pub", I could only smell my rib eye on the grill :)

$36 over the bar.....I would pay that again (as long as there was nothing else on the winelist I wanted to try!!!)
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